Long Live Curiosity

Why Long Live Curiosity? Well, my business card needed a catchy tagline, so I wrote the first thing that came to my head. As I reflected on it, though, I began to realize what my subconscious had already known, apparently: that curiosity has been a strong driving force throughout my life.

I was that keener in school who asked too many questions (to the eye-rolling frustration of my peers) and went above and beyond in my favourite subjects, like English, because I genuinely enjoyed it. Even so, school wasn’t enough to satisfy my appetite. At 13, I found Norwegian language lessons online and studied them daily so that I could practice speaking my Grandparents’ mother tongue with them. I studied diligently simply for the pleasure of learning and to enhance my ability to communicate. Later, when I was 15, I was shown a few salsa dance steps  on a holiday and the first thing I did upon returning home was to phone the nearest Latin dance school. Within the first year of submerging myself in the dance community, I had learned the technique, jargon and history of a variety of dances, and had been invited to assist some dance instructors in their classes. (This was my first brush with teaching, I suppose.) Looking back now, I realize it’s the same innate desire to soak up knowledge that drew me first to these childhood pursuits and, later, into the world of academia, language and the arts.

On one of my last days on the University of British Columbia campus, I was walking to my work-study job in a melancholy mood. Universities are made for people like me and my time there was drawing to a close. In the crisp spring morning air, I passed a tree which I had passed every day, but this time stopped to look at the cement stone slab at its base. The message read, “The learning has just begun…” I was on my way to work, but I stood there for a minute, smiling. It was exactly what I needed to hear and I felt suddenly very reassured. What was to stop me from pursuing knowledge and mastery throughout my life? And I have indeed not yet stopped learning. As a writer, I continually gain new insights as I sift through ideas and carefully arrange them. I live the dream: getting glimpses into varying industries, social issues, academic ideas, and people’s lives and then playing with all that I’ve found until I’ve made something new.

I am continually driven by my curiosity and a desire to create.

So now I will say, with its full weight,

Long Live Curiosity.