The content below is meant to give you a taste of my writing style in a variety of contexts. You are welcome to explore my blog as well, but I have selected the content here specifically to showcase my copywriting experience.

1. Website Content: United Way CSO website – All content for the organization’s new website. See notes in the PDF for more details.

2. Blog Articles Series: Outside the Classroom – A series of short articles covering various topics about the English language that is accessible to a general audience. These were written solely as content for my blog and to demonstrate how my linguistic and educational background can inform my writing.

3. Contributed Articles: The Mighty (www.themighty.com) – Articles relating to my personal experiences with pain, illness, and recovery.

4. Organization Spotlight: CRIS Adaptive AdventuresShort article featuring a non-profit organization on the volunteer engagement platform, Volinspire.

5. Impact Story: Tammy’s Story  Content for United Way CSO website and Resource Development Department. I was given this story in the form of a speech and altered the style and tone to create a personal narrative that was appropriate for web or print. 

6. Press Release: CRA’s United Way Workplace Campaign Exceeds Fundraising Goal – Press Release for United Way CSO. The first two paragraphs were written by me and the last three are a standardized organization bio that is available to the press.

7. Arabic-English Communication Cards: Farashah Project for Butterfly Communication –  Arabic-English cards intended for Syrian refugees and their host families, featuring greetings and basic survival phrases in both languages. This project involves much more than written content, but I am including it to showcase my linguistic background. I was responsible for consulting with Arabic speakers, getting accurate translations, creating an accessible pronunciation guide and presenting phrases, often grammatically complex, in a simple way.